Database Design & Development

Effective management of information and data is critical to the success of any business. A poorly designed database can drastically affect the time it takes to access the critical information that you need. Claro Solutions can create effective database designs for your data or applications that will not keep you waiting for the data you require.

Example: Canadian Mental Health Association

A branch office of the CMHA was using a paper-based record keeping system for all interactions between clients and therapists. This meant that locating records and reviewing the effectiveness of programs was both tedious and time consuming.

The CMHA was in need of a custom database designed to make their day-to-day operations more manageable and to centralize their scheduling and internal messaging.

Claro Solutions set up an internal CMS to run a scheduling calendar and a message board. Since there were no suitable off-the-shelf extensions to the CMS that would allow for easy record keeping of client interactions, Claro Solutions designed and developed a database to store vital statistics, notes from meetings, phone calls, and program participation.

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Technology Consulting

Technology is ever-evolving and selecting the appropriate technology for your business can be both overwhelming and confusing. We will help you select cost-effective technology solutions to meet your business needs.more

Content Management

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to manage your website with no technical knowledge. We work with various types of CMS and can help you select the best for your business needs and budget. more


Website Design

Effective and eye-catching design is critical for any successful website. Claro Solutions can implement your ideas into an effective design that will communicate to your target market. more

Reservation Systems

Claro Solutions has worked with a number of systems for managing reservations, including online booking, guest information management, transaction processing, and room allocation. more