Custom Programming


Our custom programming solutions are tailored to fit your individual business needs. Our innovative technical team will work with you to develop a simple, comprehensive, user-friendly application or web solution.

Since 2005, we have worked with numerous customers to develop custom web software that could not be fulfilled with existing software products. Working closely with your business team, Claro Solutions can take your ideas and requirements and translate them into a simple, customized programming solution. We specialize in all phases of development including design, development, testing, training, product launch and regular on-going support and maintenance.

Do you have a business need that you cannot find a product to fulfill? Claro Solutions will work with you to create a customized solution to improve the productivity of your business.

Customer Example: Nautilus Explorer

Nautilus Explorer was using a custom built internal reservation system written several years ago that ran on an outdated Windows server. They were satisfied with the system’s overall capabilities, but were looking for a solution that was portable and not restricted to older server software.

Services Provided for Nautilus Explorer

To account for new marketing strategies and new automation processes being developed, Nautilus Explorer wanted to make some changes and additions to their system.

To simplify their reservations system and make it significantly easier to maintain, their existing system was converted to PHP and MySQL so it could run on any standard Linux hosting package. Having the system running on PHP made for a more portable system that was easier to update. This also brought overhead costs down since a new expensive Windows server was not necessary.

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