Other Projects from Claro Solutions

Fresh Choice Kitchens (Community Kitchens Program)

In addition to regular site maintenance, Claro Solutions has designed two significant databases for the Fresh Choice Kitchens.
Working closely with the Fresh Choice Kitchens, Claro Solutions created the Cooking and Skill Building Program (CSB) Database for British Columbia. This database lists CSB programs, which are defined as community hands-on cooking experiences. Customized features include the ability to submit a program online for inclusion in the database, and programs can be set up to run with a specified end date, or indefinitely.

Claro Solutions also designed a Tools and Resources Database for Fresh Choice Kitchens. This database contains how-to resources and tools for learning to cook and for building nutrition skills. It includes both basic and advanced search functions and an online form to submit a new resource for addition to the database.

B. C. School Trustees Association (BCSTA)

Claro Solutions worked extensively with BCSTA to design a database for the School Board Elections in 2008. This database includes:

  • the ability for candidates to submit their profiles
  • a candidate search and individual profile pages
  • a printer friendly version of the candidate profiles

Claro Solutions also created the Key Work Resources section containing resources and information for the trustees, and guidelines for Board Members.

An easy to use events calendar was integrated into the BCSTA website giving people the ability to see upcoming events.

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Synigex Technology

Claro Solutions worked closely with Synigex Technology on automating a number of tedious processes. This enables Synigex to efficiently serve more customers without hiring additional staff.

Pelling Industries

Claro Solutions created an online project management system for Pelling Industries tailored specifically to the construction industry. This customized software includes timesheets, materials invoices, and the ability for clients to track costs as well as view before and after pictures.