Featured Project – Nautilus Explorer

When we first started working with Nautilus Explorer, bookings for their trips were completed by phone or email and the majority of their marketing and booking processes were done manually. Sending out marketing emails, updating trip availability on their website, and payment processing for customers’ bookings were all tasks that office staff had to complete.

Nautilus Explorer - Featured Project

Claro Solutions has automated business processes for Nautilus Explorer so that their marketing and bookings are now a streamlined and efficient system. In order to achieve this, we created new systems and processes to relieve bottlenecks in their marketing and selling process, while retaining successful aspects of their existing system whenever possible.

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Reservation System

Claro Solutions created an online booking system for retail customers to book their trips directly. The reservation system was built to work hand-in-hand with the internal reservation system to ensure both a seamless user experience and consistent record keeping.

The system also provides the following: a page for entering guest information for customs manifest documents; special food requests; gear rentals; and the ability to request rooming assignments for bookings with multiple guests.ADAM How about using a bullet list here instead?

Content Management Systems

Nautilus Explorer has a number of websites, many of which are running on Content Management Systems (CMS). The also have a number of blogs, which are utilizing WordPress, with some additional plugins that add to the base capabilities of each blog.

Claro Solutions updated the blog theme in conjunction with company rebranding and worked directly with Nautilus Explorer to increase the exposure of the blog and, in turn, its business.

Blog posts are automatically posted to Twitter and cross-posted to Facebook as well. In just over one year, the daily updating of the blog, twitter, and the Facebook fan page helped Nautilus Explorer gain vast social network exposure. The Facebook fan page, for example, grew from a tiny following to over 12,000 fans!

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