Featured Project – Canadian Mental Health Association

Our client, a local branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), was using a paper-based record keeping system for all interactions between clients and therapists. This meant that locating records and measuring the effectiveness of programs was both tedious and time consuming.

Canadian Mental Health Association - Featured Project

An internal web-based database system was created in order to keep track of client records, internal staff communications, policy documents, and staff schedules.

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Content Management System

To keep costs low and maintainability simple, an open source Content Management System (CMS) was selected that serves as a base for the internal website. Some existing plugins were chosen and configured to add a message forum and scheduling calendar to the base capabilities of the CMS. This has resulted in an area for staff to not only manage their daily schedules but also gives them the ability to notify one another about important events.

Database Design & Development

Since there were no suitable extensions to the Content Management System that would allow for easy record keeping of client interactions, Claro Solutions designed a database to suit the client’s needs. This database was designed to store the clients’ vital statistics, notes from meetings, phone calls, and program participation.

Custom Programming

Claro Solutions created an interface to access the database and to simultaneously update client records and notes. The interface designed by Claro Solutions is intuitive and simple to use, and allows staff to enter their notes with no prior technical knowledge.

In addition to this record keeping feature, Claro Solutions designed the program so that the user can extract statistics from these notes in an incisive interface. The result is data that, in turn, gives therapists crucial information about program participation as well as providing measures of success rates with clients.

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